Young people develop strategies to lift up philanthropy in Africa

The African Youth Philanthropy Network (AYPN) held its 3rd Leadership Conference in Accra, Ghana on 27th- 29th November, 2022. The conference brought together Sub-Regional Leaders, AYPN Secretariat Team and AYPN Co- Hosts Partner Teams to a round table discussion on strategies to contribute to youth philanthropy growth and improve the culture of giving among next-generation philanthropists in Africa

The AYPN Leadership Conference (ALC) 2022 is part of the initiative themed, “Unleashing Young People to Lift Up Philanthropy” launched to enhance youth- led philanthropy contributions towards the achievements of the SDGs.  By strengthening the African Youth Philanthropy Leadership through peer learning, mentoring, and networking, this conference led to the development of strategic plans and innovative technology platforms for growing the network and connecting to donors across the regions.

The 3rd ALC was jointly hosted by AYPN Co-convening partners, GADeF International and PEN Tanzania and the AYPN Secretariat with support from WINGS in partnership with Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI), East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN), Giving Tuesday Ghana, Philanthropy Ghana and Centre for Strategic Philanthropy and Social Investment (CESPSI). Characterized by round table discussions, group work and presentations, the conference brought together 30 participants including members of AYPN in West Africa.

Outcomes of the conference included developing an AYPN 4-year Strategic Plan (which focused on 4 Pillars-People, Participation, Policy and Practice), Partnerships and Communication strategy as well as establishing working groups (Communications, Fund-raising & Grants, Membership & Partnerships and Innovations & Projects)  to support the Secretariat work at the five (5) sub-regional levels.

The first goal under AYPN Thematic area Education and Learning is to build a strong competent and collaborative youth philanthropy at national, regional and global level

Secondly, under the thematic area advocacy and leadership, AYPN will act as credible voice and foster an enabling environment for youth philanthropy at national, regional and global level.

Thirdly, under the Innovation, Knowledge Generation and Dissemination, AYPN will serve as a Hub for knowledge, innovation and incubation issues related to social entrepreneurship and youth philanthropy

The fourth goal under the Sustainability thematic area is to develop and consolidate a solid regional and national community membership based and resource mobilization

During the last day of the ALC, all the participants joined the 3rd Ghana Giving Summit 2022 organized by Philanthropy Ghana, West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) and Star Ghana. The summit attracted key personalities such as Dr. Ben Ocran from Ghana Philanthropy Forum and Reverend Dr. Christian Tsekpoe from the Strategic Philanthropy and Social Investment (CESPSI) at Pentecost University, Dr Kofi Osei-Kusi  from Osei Kusi Foundation and other members of the Giving Tuesday Ghana movement.

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About AYPN
The African Youth Philanthropy Network (AYPN) is an ecosystem of African youth philanthropists, impact investors and social entrepreneurs that is dedicated to supporting youth-led developmental initiatives in the continent, setting the agenda for youth philanthropy and development in the continent

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GADeF International is a community of exceptional young people and emerging leaders who are passionate about philanthropy, impact investment, innovation and technology for systems and community transformation

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Angela R.N.A. Nunoo
Programs Lead, AYPN