What We Do

GADeF International is a community catalyst for exceptional young people, emerging leaders, Individuals, organisations and strategic partners who are passionate about philanthropy, impact investment, innovation and technology for systems and community transformation.


GADeF sees an unprecedented opportunity for Africa to accelerate education through technology, as the “new normal” following COVID will bring millions of African students online for the first time. Our community of students, education experts, and technologists all have a shared interest in supporting this mass migration in EdTech, and we will continue to provide networking opportunities so that this shared support continues to grow.


Health care digitization is accelerating, allowing more doctors and other health care professionals to participate in Africa’s health systems from anywhere in the world. GADeF International will leverage this growing opportunity to increase accessibility to health care for more Africans and improve health outcomes at a time when health care- related needs are increasing.


As an established convener for the African and African diaspora community, we will apply a digital strategy to deliver year-round convenings—like The African Diaspora Investment Symposium (ADIS)—that keep the development and wellbeing of Africa at the forefront.


GADeF International’s focus on philanthropy and investment will be crucial in transforming financial inclusion as more of Africa comes online. Through technology, we will be able to scale programs like Builders of Africa’s Future, Accelerating Black Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ABLE), and our partnerships with social and impact funds to ensure a sustainable economic future for Africans.

What We Offer

Network Building

Network Building We are working to bring together exceptional

Fund Development

Fund Development We are working to assist individuals, corporates

Education & Innovation

Education & Innovation We are working with university institutions,

Ecosystem Builder

Ecosystem builder We are working to build a vibrant