Giving by Check/Cheque

Checks/Cheques should be made payable to Global Alliance for Development Foundation(GADeF) and mailed to:

 P.O.Box 40

Kenyasi 2 B/A, Ghana

Phone: +233 200592979

Giving by Bank Transfer

You can send your support to GADeF bank account using the following details:

Bank Name: Global Alliance for Development Foundation

Bank: Ecobank

Account Number: 0320024467924301

Branch: Abrepo Main, Ghana

Giving by Paypal

Currently, GADeF receives paypal donations(non taxable) through our partner Youth Climate Report. You can donate any amount to support our non-profit work in Africa here


Donors and Supporters
We express gratitute to our Individual supporters and organisations for their kind and cash donations for our network programs

Individual Supporters
1. John Kelly
2. Antony Perrings
3. Susie Lissolo
4. Sampson Ohene
5. Emmanuel Marfo
6. Kim Gregg
7. Late Prof. Abeeku Brew-Hammond
8. Prof. Lisa Gordon
9. Peter Nsiah
10. Ami Burns
11. Timothy Lissolo(TC)

1. Humanlink Management Institute
2. Youth Climate Report Canada
3. Asutifi Educational Complex
4. God's Will Preparatory School
5. Neko Harbour Entertainment

Contact Us

Location: Phinklife Institute, Off Hospital site,
Opposite the Expresso Mesh,Kenyasi 2 B/A Ghana
Phone: (+233) 352 196 478
          (+233) 243 823177
Mob:   (+233) 200 592 979
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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